{convalescence} poem x e.l. jayne


the era of romanticism

expresses the appreciation for the ancient roman culture,

which honors art, intuition, independence, and the individual experience,

it contested the industrialization, and systemization of our lives,

brought about by the enlightenment era,

that argued for logic and reason to lead your life, 

because that’s not living.

emerging from my enlightenment era,

and entering my romantic era,

to live off the illogical and impulsive,

because that’s worth forgiving.

a timely rebirth; transforming darkness into light.

accompanied by a change of heart,

moreover, a change of voice.

to ask difficult questions,

that inspire intricate thinking,

of an epicurean effect.

a contrarian connoisseur,

oh darling, what more could you seek from a human connection? 

let us drink to life—one queen of queens!

–e.l. jayne


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  1. Susan Jayne says:

    Love this one !!! “ change of voice…” 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

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