Question of the Day – No. 514 — Pointless Overthinking

In the spirit of Easter, let’s talk about forgiveness—forgiveness with the most important relationship you can have. How difficult do you find it to forgive yourself? . . E. L. Jayne’s blog can be found here. Question of the Day – No. 514 — Pointless Overthinking

‘how can worlds like these simply cease to exist altogether?’

“I wonder everyday whether she still exists. a person whom one has loved seems altogether too significant a thing to simply vanish altogether from the world. A person whom one loves is a world, just as one knows oneself to be a world. How can worlds like these simply cease altogether?” –Steven Pinker

{bereft an answer} poem x e.l. jayne

{bereft an answer} pink light reflects off the granite mountains, if I had all the answers, I would surely act accordingly, today, I have only reality, and I cannot play with that. life hurts less when you see it for what it is. when will i look back, and not have the urge to rewrite…


{sapience} why do i think writing is a worthy pastime? putting my thoughts on paper, will help someone overcome theirs? words are air; nothing of sustenance can be derived from them. but my spirit confides in me otherwise. –e.l. jayne

‘…an intense and holy poetry.’

“The old Intuit say the breath of a god and the breath of a human, when commingled, cause a person to create an intense and holy poetry.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Run With Wolves

{honest context}

{honest context} i blended myself into one color, of the imminent intersecting reality of beauty and pain, howbeit, as time would tell, i was left to dry up on the palette, to ruminate on why they won’t push pause for you, burn it to flames i can’t take anymore; my poems aren’t a cry for…


{nostalgia} i look at myself in the photo, not because i wish to look at myself, but because i remember the doubt behind my smile, the anxiety behind my eyes, the questions that ran through my mind, although I can’t detach myself from those feelings, i discern the distance i’ve traveled. –e.l. jayne


{illustrate} if another soul were to wish to understand me, I’d have them read my poetry, there— my soul illustrates itself, finer than i could, poetry does not, and cannot, lie. –e.l. jayne


{ambivalence} they used to say, “how could you be so careless with yourself,”  but I’ve seen strength in the face of death, it’s easy to believe what you hear, but there’s a storyline behind the curtain; ambivalence led to action, and now we’re out of the woods, as I promise: “nevermind, Darling, I’ll soon be…

{dragonflies and blackened eyes}

{dragonflies and blackened eyes} where the first corner of the world, is blanketed in nightfall, and the dragonflies float on, your lower ribs rise only to fall in the same place. i put up an inert resistance, i blended myself into one color of reality and beauty, reminiscing, our love was the poetry of love;…