{young love} poem x e.l. jayne

{young love} we watch as the moon rolls past the stars, knowing fully that we have no idea, what our uncertainty will meet. in these moments i forget any plans that I might have for my life. that fire burning love, like a new love, or a young love, but that much stronger because I…

{wind} poem x e.l. jayne

{wind} all the poems you wrote, all the words you spoke, became gusts of wind, that gathered momentum, and then vanished. –e.l. jayne

Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking

With pumpkin spice flooding the streets again, autumn is just around the corner. August is like the Sunday of summer and it’s almost over. September is just a few sleeps away. Is it just me or have the first 8 months of 2021 absolutely flown by? Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking


{epilogue} always remember; life is good. life is what you make of it. choose to see the good in others, in life, and most importantly, in yourself. –e.l. jayne

Subtle Changes — Pointless Overthinking

Creamy clouds dissipate to reveal sparkling waves. Makeshift linen dresses. Vineyard horizons. Tangerine colored terraces overlook the marble sand. Salty hair. Fresh strawberries. Sun-spotted hands. And we pause for a moment. If you stare at the sand for a while, tiny grains of sand fall from their mounds. Out of nowhere there’s a change—unnoticeable to […]…