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“…we don’t have to see eye to eye, to appreciate each other’s point of view, as with all humans, and all evolution.”

This Is Not A Travel Blog

My goal as a blogger is to cultivate a space where we can share ideas together and stimulate each other to think differently about concepts, both small and large. All of this in an effort to honor the infinite knowledge around us, realizing that we can all learning something from one another.

‘all I ask the Gods to grant me is that I ask them for nothing.’

My favorite theme Pessoa follows is his unwavering dedication to wanting nothing. He writes about this line of thinking in many of his poems and this quote is one of my favorites. Found in his book: A little larger than the entire universe. Yes, I’ve read it 5 times over and still can’t get enough.


not all poets are madly in love, not all poets are hopelessly heartbroken, not all poets dwell in the dark side of their minds.

Ignite Your Independence

By Ellen Jayne When was the last time you did something by yourself? Truly by yourself, and for yourself? Ignite Your Independence — Pointless Overthinking Quarantine has a lot of us spending time alone by default. But doing something fulfilling is stark in contrast to binge watching your new favorite netflix series. My take on independence…


{abstinence} the worst vice of all  is to abstain from your innermost thoughts, your darkest thoughts. yes, even your darkest thoughts. for you cannot know your true self if you do not face them. — e.l. jayne