Happy birthday to me!

25 laps around the sun. A quarter of a century. Time for more fun! This year I’m choosing to focus on the good. There is so much love + light to be grateful for in this life. I couldn’t ask for a better support system to surround me, I live in a beautiful city with…

{poems and prose}

“…we don’t have to see eye to eye, to appreciate each other’s point of view, as with all humans, and all evolution.”

{crescendo} poem x e.l. jayne

{crescendo} a single beam of the ascending sun shone above the windowsill,  striking the sleek surface of the cedar staircase, radiating ripples of golden light. nevertheless, sunday mornings during the winter solstice, we sip peppermint tea at brunch, reminisce in the nostalgic aroma of maple syrup, and tacitly laugh at the conversations we overhear. although…

On The Different Reasons People Travel

Hello to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers! I’m Elle, or E.L. Jayne as my pen name states, and I’ve embarked my own rendition of an Eat, Pray, Love … On The Different Reasons People Travel

Lovers in Paris… — johncoyote

Lovers in Paris… She whispered to me, “O my love, O my love. Make me feel alive. I plucked a rose for us today and I told the red rose. Where had my lover gone? The murmur of the sea told me. Find the place where love was alive. The gales of Winter make us […]…