{the ragged, the jagged}

if he’s startled of me in the fresh beams of the sunrise,
he’ll never recognize me under the cover of the indigo moon,
constantly seeking proof,
yet the greatest things in life cannot be proven:
love, feelings, dreams…
the shape of one’s soul,

{untitled poem V}

let’s watch the sun kiss the sea while reading poetry to each other and sipping red wine until the stars lean down to listen va bene, luce mio? –e.l. jayne


{ambivalence} they used to say, “how could you be so careless with yourself,”  but I’ve seen strength in the face of death, it’s easy to believe what you hear, but there’s a storyline behind the curtain; ambivalence led to action, and now we’re out of the woods, as I promise: “nevermind, Darling, I’ll soon be…

{dragonflies and blackened eyes}

{dragonflies and blackened eyes} where the first corner of the world, is blanketed in nightfall, and the dragonflies float on, your lower ribs rise only to fall in the same place. i put up an inert resistance, i blended myself into one color of reality and beauty, reminiscing, our love was the poetry of love;…

{another scar on my heart}

{another scar on my heart} love and let love, for time will tell, I’m glad you didn’t up being, another scar on my heart. –e.l. jayne


{lovelorn} my fingertips rest upon the maple syrup jar, I have never learned to exist, but rather to remain inside myself, and that’s not something to dismiss, most people are used to walking, with blindfolds on their feet. –e.l. jayne

{she who cried wolf}

{she who cried wolf} to be yours or to be mine, to surrender to a love so divine, just to be excluded in the end anyways by my own self. in my defense, i have none. –e.l. jayne

{untitled poem III}

a heartbreak a success, a heartbreaker a success, who is the real winner, between the lover and the loveless?


{forfeit} to love is to surrender, an inherent deprioritization of your own self, to love someone more than they love their own self. thus we, my unreal love, shall be frozen in the same perfectly imperfect memory, unbothered and bathing in the salty Adriatic sea, where the freckles in our eyes entirely align, and our…