{wind} poem x e.l. jayne

{wind} all the poems you wrote, all the words you spoke, became gusts of wind, that gathered momentum, and then vanished. –e.l. jayne

Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking

With pumpkin spice flooding the streets again, autumn is just around the corner. August is like the Sunday of summer and it’s almost over. September is just a few sleeps away. Is it just me or have the first 8 months of 2021 absolutely flown by? Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking


{epilogue} always remember; life is good. life is what you make of it. choose to see the good in others, in life, and most importantly, in yourself. –e.l. jayne

{untitled poem ix}

in the process of loving you, i forgot how to love myself. —e.l. jayne

{untitled poem vii}

a life without a love like this is like looking at a sunset without a sun. –e.l. jayne

{sapphire leaves}

{sapphire leaves} She is going to cook supper with Fate this evening, at her cottage along the mountain stream, to watch the newborn fawns graze in the meadow at dusk, and the dew settle upon the starry, sapphire leaves. –e.l. jayne

{paper cuts}

{paper cuts} i would prefer self sabotage, over a thousand paper cuts; to liberate myself from the mirage, rather than sit as a copilot of my own life. –e.l. jayne

{this was a letter} poem x e.l. jayne

{this was a letter} please, please, stay, please don’t go. don’t you know i’m only temporary? you say i’m obsessed with you, like i don’t know what’s best for you, i hate the way you are when you’re sober, you think i don’t know i’m not perfect. but we both know you need me. this…