{sapphire leaves}

{sapphire leaves} She is going to cook supper with Fate this evening, at her cottage along the mountain stream, to watch the newborn fawns graze in the meadow at dusk, and the dew settle upon the starry, sapphire leaves. –e.l. jayne

{paper cuts}

{paper cuts} i would prefer self sabotage, over a thousand paper cuts; to liberate myself from the mirage, rather than sit as a copilot of my own life. –e.l. jayne

{velvet sunset}

the velvet sunset melts into the horizon, Dali paints as we carry on with our delusion, ceaselessly involved in our own duration, creamy white churches, ivory castles, day after day, we add another brick to our palace of false reality. –e.l. jayne


{interconnection}poem x e.l. jayne these days, you pick your side, your group, your argument, not this one, but that one. our interconnection is taken for granted. people only want to surround themselves, with other like-minded people.  unlike any other species,  we’ve evolved because of our immense ability to work together; I, for one, wouldn’t want…


{phantasmal} the soul gazes out the window into the mysterious world, and surmises that love will be the answer. to lay idle and dream of the perfect love is easy, believing you’re in a fairytale love story is quite befitting. you contemplate what you feel and what you fancy,  and cleverly, manifest it within your…


{projection} you sit across from me and merrily paint your own picture of me, instead of seeking my soul. you interpret me as you please. does anybody actively embody the person they see themselves as? give me more selflessness because life is nothing… –e.l. jayne

Subtle Changes — Pointless Overthinking

Creamy clouds dissipate to reveal sparkling waves. Makeshift linen dresses. Vineyard horizons. Tangerine colored terraces overlook the marble sand. Salty hair. Fresh strawberries. Sun-spotted hands. And we pause for a moment. If you stare at the sand for a while, tiny grains of sand fall from their mounds. Out of nowhere there’s a change—unnoticeable to […]…

{seaside reverie}

{seaside reverie} creamy clouds, dissipate to reveal sparkling waves, tangerine colored terraces, poise over the marble sand. vineyard horizons, salty hair, and makeshift linen dresses, our freckled hands intertwine; you can’t live your life for moments like these, but once you get a taste… it’s hard not to. –e.l. jayne