{hurricane} poem x e.l. jayne

{hurricane} like a light, steady rain,  the feelings still remain, but they don’t overwhelm me anymore. –e.l. jayne

{charred remains} poem x e.l. jayne

{charred remains} because no matter how beautiful a forest grows, the aftermath of a forest fire only shows the charred remains of a past life. –e.l. jayne

{seafaring ode} poem x e.l. jayne

{seafaring ode} i once read, a poem that grew to be my favorite: ‘it’s not the ship but our own selves that we miss’ and that explained my heartbreak perfectly. starving for something unavailable, something i couldn’t find in myself, so my voyage carries on,  caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, as…

{defying physics} poem x e.l. jayne

{defying physics} as the first snow of the season falls,  i tuck my feet into my blanket, contemplating what i shall do with all these poems, it seems to defy the common laws of physics that they shall exist, if those feelings don’t exist anymore. alas, i’d prefer if they didn’t. –e.l. jayne

{reality} poem x e.l. jayne

{reality} the only thing I believe in is art. however much I identify with Romanticism,  I can only find repose in Expressionism, distorted, exaggerated, unvarnished truths stemming from my imagination, rather than reality. —e.l. jayne

{gradual} poem x e.l. jayne

{gradual} and what new perspective could i have today, after another day of doing the same things? it’s not a riveting life that I’m after, but a modest variety would be nice. nevertheless, even if ever so subtle— and as in the mountains, some things change with time, and over time, everything changes. –e.l. jayne

{untitled poem x} e.l. jayne

you didn’t know  and that’s all i needed to know. that is enough,  or rather, it isn’t, but it nonetheless helps in some way,  and that’s how it is with life. –e.l. jayne

{conviction over confirmation} poem x e.l. jayne

{conviction over confirmation} as i sit here on this planet that i believe to be rotating, my main concern is to discover whether or not I’m in a state of peace. well, that’s deceptive. my main concern is that I don’t believe I’m in a state of peace. so I revert to my antidote… red…

{counterbalance} poem x e.l. jayne

{counterbalance} love is blind; a reflection of ourselves, it’s loving the image of someone ceaselessly and ignorantly, not the person— but how they make you feel. to love someone else is the ultimate act of self-love,  counterbalanced with the risk of self destruction. –e.l. jayne