‘how can worlds like these simply cease to exist altogether?’

“I wonder everyday whether she still exists. a person whom one has loved seems altogether too significant a thing to simply vanish altogether from the world. A person whom one loves is a world, just as one knows oneself to be a world. How can worlds like these simply cease altogether?” –Steven Pinker


{sapience} why do i think writing is a worthy pastime? putting my thoughts on paper, will help someone overcome theirs? words are air; nothing of sustenance can be derived from them. but my spirit confides in me otherwise. –e.l. jayne


{unversed} why did i think the wolves, who roamed this territory before me, didn’t know how to survive? oh how naive of me to believe, I already knew a better way to thrive. –e.l. jayne

{glimmering lights}

{glimmering lights} when the city lights start glimmering, as the sun curtsies upon her descent, it’s another reminder, that the most beautiful lights are borne in darkness, lights of hope, that remain unnoticeable in daylight. –e.l. jayne

{the ragged, the jagged}

if he’s startled of me in the fresh beams of the sunrise,
he’ll never recognize me under the cover of the indigo moon,
constantly seeking proof,
yet the greatest things in life cannot be proven:
love, feelings, dreams…
the shape of one’s soul,

Raúl Zurita, Chilean poet

Purgatory is the seminal literary text provoked by the military coup that overthrew the newly elected democratic government of Salvador Allende in Chile of 1973. At the time, Zurita wrote poetry in an act of defiance to being silenced and to exercise his freedom, or what he lacked.