‘moments of distraction from worse things…’

What I write, knowing that it’s bad, might also offer a few moments of distraction from worse things to another sad or wounded soul. That is enough, or rather, it isn’t but it nonetheless helps in some way, and that’s how it is with life. Fernando Pessoa

‘devoid of anyone of both an intellect and a heart’

“The generation to which I belong to was born into a world devoid of certainty for anyone possessed of both an intellect and a heart. The destructive work of previous generations meant that the world into which we were born had no security to offer us as regards religion, no anchor as regards morality, no…

‘all I ask the Gods to grant me is that I ask them for nothing.’

My favorite theme Pessoa follows is his unwavering dedication to wanting nothing. He writes about this line of thinking in many of his poems and this quote is one of my favorites. Found in his book: A little larger than the entire universe. Yes, I’ve read it 5 times over and still can’t get enough.