{crescendo} poem x e.l. jayne

{crescendo} a single beam of the ascending sun shone above the windowsill,  striking the sleek surface of the cedar staircase, radiating ripples of golden light. nevertheless, sunday mornings during the winter solstice, we sip peppermint tea at brunch, reminisce in the nostalgic aroma of maple syrup, and tacitly laugh at the conversations we overhear. although…

{vagabond beings} poem x e.l. jayne

{vagabond beings} as the sunset melts into the great salt lake, i lean my back against the mountain, watching planes take off, one by one. i felt time dividing, then i realized, one might just be the one you’re on. no one understands nomadic romanticism better, we are forever wayfaring souls, mortals meant to meet…

{charred remains} poem x e.l. jayne

{charred remains} because no matter how beautiful a forest grows, the aftermath of a forest fire only shows the charred remains of a past life. –e.l. jayne

Getting Away With Murder — Pointless Overthinking

As an empath, I believe in second chances. Life can be difficult at times and can cause people to act out of character. No one is perfect. 45 more words Getting Away With Murder — Pointless Overthinking

{reality} poem x e.l. jayne

{reality} the only thing I believe in is art. however much I identify with Romanticism,  I can only find repose in Expressionism, distorted, exaggerated, unvarnished truths stemming from my imagination, rather than reality. —e.l. jayne

‘moments of distraction from worse things…’

What I write, knowing that it’s bad, might also offer a few moments of distraction from worse things to another sad or wounded soul. That is enough, or rather, it isn’t but it nonetheless helps in some way, and that’s how it is with life. Fernando Pessoa

{untitled poem x} e.l. jayne

you didn’t know  and that’s all i needed to know. that is enough,  or rather, it isn’t, but it nonetheless helps in some way,  and that’s how it is with life. –e.l. jayne

{conviction over confirmation} poem x e.l. jayne

{conviction over confirmation} as i sit here on this planet that i believe to be rotating, my main concern is to discover whether or not I’m in a state of peace. well, that’s deceptive. my main concern is that I don’t believe I’m in a state of peace. so I revert to my antidote… red…