Lovers in Paris… — johncoyote

Lovers in Paris… She whispered to me, “O my love, O my love. Make me feel alive. I plucked a rose for us today and I told the red rose. Where had my lover gone? The murmur of the sea told me. Find the place where love was alive. The gales of Winter make us […]…

Writing on the Walls

Originally posted on Brigid Faye, Reader:
I was talking to a wise Mr. Wizard yesterday and he told me that in life you are all alone in a white padded room writing on the walls. That writing is your reality. It was a metaphor that got to me. It inspired me to write in my…

{nonnative novelty} poem x e.l. jayne

because if I were in a different city, everything would feel so much different…  even if all other variables remained the same,  the same isolated days, leaving quaint cafes with clothes reeking of coffee, after a day’s worth of writing in my dilapidated diary, walking home under the same despondent streetlights, consuming far too few…

{lavender rain} poem x e.l. jayne

{lavender rain} raindrops land on my exposed skin, beside the misty city skyline,  and tri-colored reflection of tail lights,  just like the rain we are created from the environment around us, of generations past, and our journey is just as purposeful as it is accidental. –e.l. jayne

{untitled poem xiii} x e.l. jayne

i hurry up and finish my civilian duties for the day so i can sit on this barren hardwood floor,  drink red wine,  and compose poetry, which is, in fact, my greatest contribution as a civilian. –e.l. jayne

‘moments of distraction from worse things…’

What I write, knowing that it’s bad, might also offer a few moments of distraction from worse things to another sad or wounded soul. That is enough, or rather, it isn’t but it nonetheless helps in some way, and that’s how it is with life. Fernando Pessoa

Happy birthday to me!

25 laps around the sun. A quarter of a century. Time for more fun! This year I’m choosing to focus on the good. There is so much love + light to be grateful for in this life. I couldn’t ask for a better support system to surround me, I live in a beautiful city with…