‘devoid of anyone of both an intellect and a heart’

“The generation to which I belong to was born into a world devoid of certainty for anyone possessed of both an intellect and a heart. The destructive work of previous generations meant that the world into which we were born had no security to offer us as regards religion, no anchor as regards morality, no…

Crossroads Counsel

Cheers to my fellow bloggers. I come to you today to ask for your vote. Topic on hand: Should I follow my passion, or be responsible? Background: I want to follow my passion of being an author. Right now I have a great job; I love what I do, who I do it for, and…

‘how can worlds like these simply cease to exist altogether?’

“I wonder everyday whether she still exists. a person whom one has loved seems altogether too significant a thing to simply vanish altogether from the world. A person whom one loves is a world, just as one knows oneself to be a world. How can worlds like these simply cease altogether?” –Steven Pinker

‘…an intense and holy poetry.’

“The old Intuit say the breath of a god and the breath of a human, when commingled, cause a person to create an intense and holy poetry.” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Run With Wolves

{poker face}

{poker face} i have to stop myself, from writing an excerpt to explain my poetry, because that’s the beauty of it. like the silence of a cliffhanger, it’s open for your interpretation, for what you choose to hear, not what i want you to hear. –e.l. jayne