An unexpected lesson from the world’s most dangerous sport. — Pointless Overthinking

By E.L. Jayne Red rock roads and satin sunsets. Crimson cacti and eclectic, desert diners. Moab, Utah is a splendid sight for sore eyes. This trip to Moab held a completely new experience in store for me. I was attending a festival for BASE jumpers to film my friends jump off really high mountains. …… An…

Getting Away With Murder — Pointless Overthinking

As an empath, I believe in second chances. Life can be difficult at times and can cause people to act out of character. No one is perfect. 45 more words Getting Away With Murder — Pointless Overthinking

Lopsided Love: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. — Pointless Overthinking

Some of the most popular romance stories feature one-sided love. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby hopelessly awaits Daisy to return to him. The Roman mythological epoch of Echo and Narcissus told one of the first stories of unrequited love. In The Notebook, Noah chases Allie for years, even through an engagement, until she comes back […]…

Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking

With pumpkin spice flooding the streets again, autumn is just around the corner. August is like the Sunday of summer and it’s almost over. September is just a few sleeps away. Is it just me or have the first 8 months of 2021 absolutely flown by? Question of the Day: No. 541 — Pointless Overthinking

Subtle Changes — Pointless Overthinking

Creamy clouds dissipate to reveal sparkling waves. Makeshift linen dresses. Vineyard horizons. Tangerine colored terraces overlook the marble sand. Salty hair. Fresh strawberries. Sun-spotted hands. And we pause for a moment. If you stare at the sand for a while, tiny grains of sand fall from their mounds. Out of nowhere there’s a change—unnoticeable to […]…