{nonnative novelty} poem x e.l. jayne

because if I were in a different city, everything would feel so much different…  even if all other variables remained the same,  the same isolated days, leaving quaint cafes with clothes reeking of coffee, after a day’s worth of writing in my dilapidated diary, walking home under the same despondent streetlights, consuming far too few…

{novelists} poem x e.l. jayne

{novelists} love is a novel, you and I, the authors. our hands hold the pen, writing each word, each chapter, creating our own reality, of the love story we’ve always dreamed of. –e.l. jayne

{cognizance} poem x e.l. jayne

{cognizance} can someone explain how to find peace, while retaining cognizance? perhaps I care too much about life, to put aside all of its externalities, that exist even if they’re not at the forefront right now. again with the tangential… I digress. maybe it was never really that fragile in the first place, like a…

{untitled poem xiv} x e.l. jayne

{untitled poem xiv} and don’t blame me  for wanting to be hopelessly in love because love is the only thing  we can truly curate in our lives.

{lavender rain} poem x e.l. jayne

{lavender rain} raindrops land on my exposed skin, beside the misty city skyline,  and tri-colored reflection of tail lights,  just like the rain we are created from the environment around us, of generations past, and our journey is just as purposeful as it is accidental. –e.l. jayne

{untitled poem xiii} x e.l. jayne

i hurry up and finish my civilian duties for the day so i can sit on this barren hardwood floor,  drink red wine,  and compose poetry, which is, in fact, my greatest contribution as a civilian. –e.l. jayne

{vagabond beings} poem x e.l. jayne

{vagabond beings} as the sunset melts into the great salt lake, i lean my back against the mountain, watching planes take off, one by one. i felt time dividing, then i realized, one might just be the one you’re on. no one understands nomadic romanticism better, we are forever wayfaring souls, mortals meant to meet…

Notes from Nietzsche on the New Year — Pointless Overthinking

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Let’s commend ourselves for making it another year. You did it! 2021 was full of mountains and valleys. Lovely and lamentable times. The New Year invites us to write the first page of a new chapter. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, this is the […]…

{souvenir} poem x e.l. jayne

{souvenir} zooming out i can see clearly, which role i cast you to play, and indeed you played it well, the rarities you represented about me, to not return home empty handed, like a souvenir but better. a good drama always has a heart wrenching last act, to let you know it’s over, there’s no…