Imminent Proof

I pour a glass and drink from the bottle,
You are not you,
You are who I make you out to be.

And that be
Is greater than you actually are
Because who you will be,
Inevitably will be greater with me.

There cannot be a you without me,
And there cannot be a me without you.

I say this and claim it to be true
Although I cannot prove it.

But the greatest things in life cannot be proven,
Love, feelings, aspirations...


Footsteps waking up a small town
Rain pattering as it lands on the blades of grass
Left-over clouds from the night before
Weave in and out of the mountain tops

Fall colors are the only true colors of nature
It's written all over my face
Thoughts weigh me down
Like tree branches after a heavy snowfall

Lucid Lighthouses

Inevitably, moments imprint in our memory
Some life-changing moments, some ordinary moments
Like streams finding the ocean
They all end up in the same place

The car hurtles through space
To detach the city of fuzzy lights
From it's passengers
In pursuit of a predetermined lighthouse

The rear view mirror
Reflects a dwindling spectacle of the city
Whose town walls
Began to build another foundation

An enchanting melody permeates the air
Eliciting a glacial moment in time
The secret yearn for a perpetual chorus
A desire foreseeably forbidden

Driving steadfast into the night
Far from the sea
The first landlocked lighthouse
That ever came to be.

That’s Just How We Are

Mountains don't have balance, 
That's just how they are. 
They don't wish things to be different, 
So they don't suffer. 

I don't wish for the color blue
To be anything other than the color blue.
And in this manner, 
I don't suffer. 

The evergreens don't wish to change the past 
Or daydream about the future. 
Those who wish to change something, 
Inevitably wish to change everything. 

The rivers and the mountains intuitively bring out the best in each other, 
A synonymous symbiotic relationship, 
Ebbing, flowing, and adapting to their environments. 
That's just how we are. 

For a sunset to be a sunrise, 
Only a madman would wish.

As One Does

Sailing west off the mainland
A familiar direction 
As the sunset bled into the horizon
There remained a wall of protection 
A blanket of darkness covered the island
Peeking through the nightfall 
A convergence of paths 
Unveiled a change in tone
The star-studded sky faded to dawn
The sunrise played like a movie
A reverie of two seemingly star-crossed lovers 
Sprawled out on the lawn
Destiny arrives
As one does
When you least expect it
As love does